Radon Mitigation

RadonCare offers mitigation systems for all building types and unique characteristics. You can rest-assured that your system will be completed using only the highest quality system materials and tools. We offer sub-slab depressurization, sump-pit depressurization and sub-membrane (crawl-space) depressurization. RadonCare is fully insured, WCB covered and COR safety certified. Our technicians are fully trained (and experienced!) in the operation of all tools and materials.  

Our systems are designed to not only lower your radon levels as much as possible but to design a system which is quiet, minimally intrusive and maximize efficiency with consideration to operational costs in heat loss and electrical usage. Since mitigation systems operate continuously it is important to take a whole home approach, with careful consideration to all systems in operation. Some installations require minor accommodations such as access panels while others potentially larger adjustments such as retrofit sump lids, furnace adjustments and/or replacements, plumbing, HRV or electrical modifications or adjustments. Regardless of the requirements our experienced and C-NRPP certified technicians create solutions.

Always Included:

  • Sub-slab depressurization optimized radon mitigation system design

  • 10 year transferable performance guarantee of < 75 Bq/m3 based on a long term alpha track test for most systems

  • HRV balance check, and balancing if deemed necessary

  • Mitigation system design, materials and installation. RadonCare systems are completed with 4" or greater schedule 40 PVC pipe to protect from damage and reduce possible noise transfer

  • Highest quality radon fan selected for your home for its pressure and suction requirements following pressure field diagnostic testing from our range of radon fans

  • Seal leaking gaps and cracks in concrete

  • Furnace sealing and sealing  of all visible supply and return air ducts, including gaps on coroplast - this not only makes your radon system more efficient but improves the efficiency of your home.

  • Performance indicator U-tube manometer

  • Noise reduction strapping

  • Backdraft testing of CO emitting appliances

  • Installed battery or plug in CO detector

  • Short term post-mitigation (by third party manufacturer) Rapidos alpha track test for immediate performance confirmation

  • Long term post-mitigation (by third party manufacturer) Health Canada approved Radtrak2 alpha track test kit for performance verification and warranty compliance

  • Noise reduction at discharge point

  • Critter/vermin cover

  • Tidy workmanship - our technicians use indoor steel toes/outdoor steel toes, painter’s tarps to contain work debris, HEPA filter on vacuum to contain concrete dust and air contaminants

Included as Needed:

  • Airtight sump pit cover: 1200 lbs capacity basin covers with a monitoring window (where applicable)

  • Crawl space encapsulation using STEGO Crawl 

  • Diamond bit concrete core

  • Discharge routing design for decorative rock, ICF foundation

  • HVAC ductwork modifications

  • Sump pump installations/retrofits

  • Amaircare Air filtration installations available

  • Wood foundation options

  • In-floor heating guarantee 

The health risk of radon is considered a nonlinear non-threshold simply meaning that there is no amount of radon considered “safe”. While it is true that radon is present in some concentration in all geographic areas (including outdoors), it is agreed that the lower the concentration of radon and your cumulative exposure the better. For a radon mitigation system this means that the smallest additional steps can greatly improve health risk. Our systems are designed to achieve results comparable to outdoor levels of the area (generally from 10 - 40Bq/m3) or below the lowest level of detection of an alpha track detector radon test kit - even where initial readings exceed 800Bq/m3.  

Our technician teams have extensive background not only in radon and mitigation technologies, but in various areas of construction, heating and ventilation. We are proud contributors to the University of Calgary’s Evict Radon Scholar Confederation.

System Performance Report

The RadonCare System Performance Report is provided with every installation not only bolsters  confidence that the job was done correctly but includes details of your system design enabling future modifications - if ever necessary - due to changes in your home (e.g. building a new addition). You’ll be informed how the system was designed and be provided with operational cost estimates. Many customers are surprised at how efficient and quiet these systems are. We can very effectively reduce radon levels with minimal energy and minimal heat loss from the house when a properly designed, sealed and balanced system.  Your report is also an asset for selling your home offering potential buyers assurances that your system has been completed by the best and most efficient means possible.

All RadonCare mitigation systems come with a 5 year performance guarantee *in addition* to the standard industry parts and performance warranty. If your levels are not below our guarantee we'll fix it or your money back!

Installation: For the most part, no. Our installations require some drilling and power tool usage but no need to cancel your zoom meetings. Our technicians can discuss your schedule with you to ensure the least amount of disruption as possible. System Operation Overall: Our mitigation systems are designed to be as quiet as possible. Our pressure field diagnostics ensure that the fan selected is not in excess of the power required for effective mitigation. We also utilize sound reduction techniques like fabric strapping and foam "mufflers" to reduce operational noise.

Most mitigation installations can be completed within one business day. We'll let you know if conditions are present which require more time prior to beginning the work. We know how important your time and space are!

Not all warranties are created equal! RadonCare mitigation systems come complete with a 5 years of peace of mind. In addition to standard manufacturers warranty on parts and materials, we offer a 5 year transferable performance warranty on our mitigation system installations. We pride ourselves on our referrals. We look forward to earning yours following your mitigation!