Think you have the know-how and tools to tackle the job yourself?

Health Canada recommends hiring a radon professional to complete your radon mitigation. The proper training, experience, tools and instruments to properly plan an execute a radon mitigation solution. If you feel you are capable of identifying potential radon entry points, completing your own pressure field diagnostics, fan selection based on airflow and pressure requirements, completely sealing the building envelope and installation of the system feel free to visit our store for DIY packages. Please note that while our manufacturer warranty on items sold is applicable, our performance warranty standard on installed mitigation systems does not apply. RadonCare cannot guarantee results of DIY mitigation systems. Please proceed with caution and consult your local building codes to confirm compliance. 

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DIY Gone Wrong?

We've seen it all. No matter the pickle of a well-intended first fix we can help. Visit our Radon Mitigation page or Contact Us to speak to our professionals.