Real Estate

Radon Testing in Real Estate

Your real estate investment may be the biggest transaction you'll ever make - in fact for most of the population its the only transaction they'll make of such size. Naturally you'll want to protect yourself not only from unforeseen costs - which every home owner knows can add up quickly - but also ensure the home you and your family are moving into is safe.

Keep in mind in your search, all homes can be mitigated.

There are plenty of reasons you should test for radon prior to purchasing your home:

  • High radon can be a great negotiating tool. In fact in the vast majority of cases it's the seller who will fully pay the cost of bringing your home down below Health Canada's radon action level.

  • You don't want to be stuck buying a home where mitigation costs are exorbitant. Mitigations for most houses are affordable, but every home is unique as are the challenges associated with mitigating them. Better to know up front what the costs are.

  • You want to move your family into a radon safe home, or take action quickly to limit exposure if the house has high radon levels.

What Should I Do If High Radon Is Disovered?

First, don't panic. high radon doesn't mean you have to let the house of your dreams pass. Many buyers negotitate the price of a mitigation system or have a system installed prior to finalizing their real estate agreement. Radon mitigation is affordable and relatively easy to complete as far as home renovations are concerned.

Remember, this is a short term measurement and a long term measurement is needed to confirm any mitigation decisions. 

Probably not. Any short term reading is just that, short term. We call them snapshots and they should be treated with that same consideration. The shorter the measurement, the less likely it is to be that accurate. Our real estate tests are completed over at least 7 days with closed home conditions and a professional grade monitor with tampering indication. It's the best type of test available considering short term conditions.

Our professional tests are equipped with a tampering indicator. We'll have note of when, and how often the monitor was disturbed. We'll make note of any inconsistencies and our interpretation of them for your records in our official report.

To ensure accuracy of a radon measurement, devices are not to be disturbed prior to test end date, tampered with or obstructed in any manner. All vents (bath fan, range vent, and dryer) are not be used in excess but within standard usage. Normal entry and exit is permitted, but no windows should be left open, doors are to be used only to permit entry. In the case of a residence with many or changing occupants, tamper tape may be placed on windows and extra doors.