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RadonCare continues to provide our radon measurement and mitigation services throughout this difficult time.
RadonCare requires all employees to quarantine and self isolate for any individuals with symptoms of COVID-19;
with a history of international travel in the last 14 days; or with close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

In response to COVID-19 RadonCare has undertaken the following precautionary measures and continues to follow public health measures and guidance: Read More

Science Based Solutions.

RadonCare is proud to be contributors to the Evict Radon Scholar Confederation and radon awareness community outreach initiatives.

Our science-based philosophy backs the entirety of our operations. We offer clear, evidence based and rational information. Our staff and technicians care deeply about radon awareness, developments and our clients. RadonCare uses the best available technology, products and services to our clients. Products we carry, techniques we use and the materials we source must meet our high standards.

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At RadonCare, we do everything we can to go the extra mile.

  • COR Safety Certified
  • C-NRPP Certified Technicians
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Homes Over Canada's Limit
Homes Over WHO's Guidance
Radon Related Deaths
% per 100Bq/m3
Higher Risk of Lung Cancer

Albertans Are Among the
Second Highest Radon Exposed Population on Earth

According to University of Calgary-led study (link)

Deaths due to Carbon Monoxide
in Canada per year


Homes with Carbon Monoxide Detectors
in Canada


Deaths due to Radon
in Canada per year


Homes tested for Radon
In Canada


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About RadonCare

RadonCare proudly serves Central and Southern Alberta providing residential and commercial radon testing and mitigation solutions. RadonCare is a proud research partner with Evict Radon, a member of C-NRPP and the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, the Alberta Construction Safety Association and COR certified. Like many radon companies we offer mitigation and testing services but look to innovate in the field and apply scientific and engineering discipline to all aspects of the work we do.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes! It can be unnerving to discover a radon problem in your home but the remedy is much more affordable than you'd imagine. While the price of a mitigation system varies due to the construction of the home, radon mitigation is typically cheaper than other regular house improvements such as air conditioning or a furnace replacement. All homes can be fixed, no matter how high your levels are.

Radon gas is a radioactive by product of uranium decay that exists naturally both inside and outside of man made structures. Certain properties of home construction can cause radon gas to concentrate to high levels inside homes. When you and your family are exposed to concentrated levels of radon gas over extended periods of time it significantly increases your chances of developing cancer, specifically lung cancer. If you combine concentrated radon exposure with other known carcinogens such as smoking it places you at even higher risk.

Yes! All our technician teams are lead by currently certified C-NRPP professionals. We hold valid errors and omissions insurance, are SECOR safety certified and valid WCB coverage.

Yes but so can you! There's no need to pay a professional to complete the measurement. Check out our radon testing page for more information and if you still have questions - contact us.

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