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RadonCare offers superior radon solutions for residential, real estate, property managers, childcare facility operators and commercial clients. Our customized mitigation packages can lower indoor radon level by more than 95% (often to levels comparable to outdoor levels) and are backed up by our RadonCare guarantee. We offer a variety of home testing packages and self testing kits.

We are also proud partners with Custom Mechanical Heating to provide top quality HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) services and expertise.

Radon in Your Home

Radon in your home can lead to lung cancer.
Learn about the dangers of radon gas on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Our Team

We are research partners with the Evict Radon Program from the University of Calgary, members of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST), CNRPP and SECOR certified and hold a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We have been providing HVAC services to Albertans for over 10 years, including more than 6 years of Radon testing and mitigation services.

RadonCare is an Alberta Assocation for Safety Partnership certified company (SECOR) Alberta Construction Safety Standards Click for the BBB Business Review of this Radon Mitigation in Airdrie AB

What our customers say

Andrew and Nick of Radon Care are highly professional and super friendly. Prior to the project commencing, Andrew made sure we fully understood what would be done and what would be the effect ...
Wen and family from the Hamptons in NW Calgary

... we had an excellent experience during their quoting phase when they sent their lead technical, Andrew, to our place. He was super knowledgeable (one might even label him as a radon geek) and super personable ...

Samuel L., Calgary

97% reduction in radon levels after only 1 day! Like all the extras they include. They were also very tidy which we appreciated. We would recommend.

Eric, Cochrane Alberta
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Evict Radon
RadonCare is proud to be partnering with the Evict Radon campaign, a world leading radon research group lead by key research scientists from the University of Calgary and across Canada. Together, we are undertaking exciting research which has great potential to significantly impact Canadian radon safety standards and methods.

Mitigation customers of RadonCare have the option of sharing certain de-identified data with the Evict Radon research confederation.

Ask our team how about contributing data with the Evict Radon campaign to bolster radon research.

Mitigations by RadonCare

Radon Mitigations by RadonCare You’ve tested your home for radon using an accurate Health Canada approved 3 month test. The lab results indicate the exposure level in your home is above Health Canada’s action level (or higher than any level you feel comfortable at). Now what?

Andrew Arshinoff and the RadonCare team take pride in the science of the radon mitigation. RadonCare will earn your business through excellent customer service and exceptional quality. You'll be provided a detailed system engineering report and the installation will be backed up with a 3 year performance warranty fully covering your system including parts and labor. Quotes are all inclusive, so there are no surprises.
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Testing for Real Estate

Real Estate Radon Testing If you identify a radon problem before purchasing a property, the costs for radon mitigation generally are the responsibility of the seller.

Our Real Estate testing program is designed to take the risk out of short term tests. We provide you with a short and long term test. If the short term test fails to identify a radon potential in a property you get credited the cost of the test back when you mitigate.

All real estate testing packages include a 2-7 day radon test using professional grade/tamper resistant equipment, setting up of closed home conditions, a 3 month alpha track test dosimeter (to validate the results of the short term test), a mitigation cost estimate if remediation of the building is required, and a report that outlines the terms your real estate lawyer can use for issuing holdbacks when a potential radon problem is identified.

More about our real estate testing program Book a Real Estate Radon Test

Child Care Facility Testing

Radoncare ChildCare Testing Services Lifetime exposure to even a relatively low level of radon of just over 200 Bq/m3 can represent more than a 2% chance of lung cancer. While not all homes may ever be mitigated, children should not be subjected to high levels of radon at childcare.

Alberta Bill 209 (Radon Awareness and Testing Act) is expected to come into effect soon requiring all child care facilities in the province to be tested for radon. If you are a owner/operator, learn about our testing and mitigation program designed specifically for you. Our program is designed not just to make you compliant with the law but to make you look good as a facility proactively addressing radon, and to save you money on mitigation should it be required.

More about child care facility testing
Radiation Doses in Context (MSv)
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* Effective dose values are based on International Commission on Radiological Protection 105 (2010) model for radon dose calculated using biokinetic and dosimetric models (dosimetric approach). Calculations based on 7000 hours per year occupancy (80%).

The danger from radon comes from cumulative exposure, that is exposure over a lifetime. This graph illustrates radiation dose both in terms of a single year of exposure and from exposure over a period of 55 years at various radon concentrations. Although radiation poisoning is much more pronounced when a person is exposed to high levels of radiation over a short period of time (e.g. Chernobyl workers), lung cancer risk from radon is linearly correlated to cumulative exposure. Living in a house with 2000 Bq/m3 for 55 years yields a higher radiation dose, in terms of cancer risk, than a chernobyl worker exposed fatal radiation poisoning. Even at levels between 200 and 600 Bq/m3 the cumulative exposure over a lifetime is highly significant.
Lifetime Excess Cancer Risk Based on Indoor Air Carcinogens
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Have a strong "basement smell"? Noisy sump pump? Mold?

mold in basement Certain types of radon mitigation system can be an effective ways to reduce moisture in basements, to help combat mold, mildew and that "basement" smell often associated with older houses and damp basements. In fact an active soil depressurization system can remove as much as 72 litres of water a day from the soil beneath the basement concrete floor. For comparison, a average dehumidifier removes about 13 litres a day. The American Environmental Protection Agency of the (EPA) did a study on this called "Exploratory Study of Basement Moisture during Operation of ASD Radon Control Systems" and found radon systems can be effective for this purpose.

In addition, if your home has a sump pump, the sump pump will be sealed off as part of the mitigation process which makes it safer, helps contains odours and reduces noises from pump operation.

Please note that although these types benefits are common in systems we install, we do caution homeowners that a RadonCare radon mitigation system will be engineered for the purpose of radon removal and we do not warrant it for moisture, odour or mildew control. Certain types of radon mitigation solutions are on average more effective for moisture control than others, if this is of concern to you speak to our team about it.

CBC's The National explores the Radon Problem in Canadian houses

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  • Purchase a Health Canada and C-NRPP approved home test kit or a digital continuous radon monitor.
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  • We perform short term and long term radon readings using the most advanced equipment available to get results you need to know for your real-estate transaction or commercial test.
  • Real Estate Testing
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  • Mitigation by Andrew Arshinoff and the RadonCare team are backed by a 3 year warranty. Results are guaranteed.
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