Commercial Services

Commercial Radon Services

Our full service team of C-NRPP certified technicians develop comprehensive measurement and mitigation strategies to serve any size and type of building. RadonCare is licensed and insured with a rigorous safety program and strict quality control standards to ensure that your building is treated with the utmost care  - from start to finish. RadonCare systems are in compliance with Health Canada, C-NRPP, ASTM, CGSB standards, are designed and measured by C-NRPP technicians and implemented using the best available materials and most effective radon reduction techniques. Our technicians are courteous, professional, respectful and tidy during our surveys, mitigation services, producing quality deliverables and results.

RadonCare commercial services provide peace of mind and improved air quality!

  • School Testing
  • Care Facility Testing
  • High Rise Residential Testing

We'll handle the fine details and ensure your buildings are held to the highest standards with only certified professionals.

Looking to test large or multiple buildings? Our C-NRPP certified technicians complete building measurements in compliance with Health Canada recommendations and quality deliverables. Our team of measurement and mitigation technicians offer peace of mind from start to finish. We are licensed, insured, have implemented a rigorous safety program and offer mitigation recommendations and options for remediation.

Need to install vapour barrier? RadonCare is a proud distributor of STEGO vapour products.

The health risk of radon is considered a nonlinear non-threshold simply meaning that there is no amount of radon considered “safe”. While it is true that radon is present in some concentration in all geographic areas (including outdoors), it is agreed that the lower the concentration of radon and your cumulative exposure the better. For a radon mitigation system this means that the smallest additional steps can greatly improve health risk. Our systems are designed to achieve results comparable to outdoor levels of the area (generally from 10 - 40Bq/m3) or below the lowest level of detection.

Our technician teams have extensive background not only in radon and mitigation technologies, but in various areas of construction, heating and ventilation. We are proud contributors to the University of Calgary’s Evict Radon Scholar Confederation with team members contributing to additional radon related studies and on the C-NRPP Policy Advisory Board.

Yes! Whether your project is in preproduction planning, construction is underway or it's in need of some overdue maintenance, our team of professionals can offer advice and recommendations.