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Radon Mitigation: 5 stars
Andrew and Nick of Radon Care are highly professional and super friendly. Prior to the project commencing, Andrew made sure we fully understood what would be done and what would be the effect. They were most efficient during the project. And then, after all was done and everything was cleaned up, Andrew again patiently explained to us what would the next in terms of measurement and warranty, etc. We are just happy about the project itself and having had Andrew and Nick work on it, and we’re very appreciative. Thank you, Andrew and Nick!
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Wen and family from the Hamptons in NW Calgary
Radon Test Kit Customer: No rating
Kit arrived quickly, took only a minute to take it out of package and hang it in our basement fitness room. We dropped it in mailbox after test and a couple weeks later received our result directly from the lab. In our case the results were only 82Bq, we decided not to mitigate but it is comforting to know what our level is and that our home can be considered quite safe.
Miranda, Red Deer Alberta
Residential/Real Estate Radon Testing: 5 Stars
Arrived quickly, seal windows and doors and did their test and gave me a report to negotiate better purchasing price on house. Happy with quick service.
J&J family, Carstairs
Radon Test Kit Customer: 5 Stars
I ordered a digital radon detector and a disposable long term kit from radoncare. I ran both tests side by side in my main floor living room for about 4 months. The disposable kit gave a value of 129 Bequerals and the digital monitor read 138 Bequerals over the same testing period. I am continuing to run the digital detector and have seen spikes as high as 203 Bq but my average remains in the good range. I am considering removing radon from my home at some point but am not in a rush since my levels are not that bad. I am happy with both products, I like the idea of testing with two devices to make sure results are correct.
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Derek, Balzac Alberta
Radon Mitigation: 5 Stars
Before we got the radon mitigated at our home (longer term average in the mid 200's but up to 400's at times), we reached out to 5 C-NRPP contractors around town for quotes. Radon Care were really stood out to us during the quoting phase. They weren't the cheapest, but we had an excellent experience during their quoting phase when they sent their lead technical, Andrew, to our place. He was super knowledgeable (one might even label him as a radon geek) and super personable.
What I liked about their quote was value (not cheapest but value added). In addition to radon mitigation, they also rebalanced my house air pressure to ensure no unnecessary air is being drawn from underground and provided a 3 year transferable warranty that the radon levels would be less than 100 Bq/m3 (Health Canada's limit is 200 Bq/m3 and many other companies only guarantees to 200 Bq/m3 as well).
The install took about 4 hours with a 2 man crew and they left the house air-balanced (I was shown the testing results on a meter and they flipped all my bathroom/hood/furnace/dryer fans on and off to confirm). Using my Airthing Wave tester, I saw immediate radon reductions from 200's to <10 Bq/m3 24 hours after installations.

I'm really happy with my overall experience (including knowing the radon at my house has been taken care off) and highly recommend them to anyone.
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Samuel L., Calgary
Radon Mitigation: 5 Stars
When I learned that hernia was harmful to the human body, I bought a device to monitor hernia. I measured the highest radon value in my basement to 434Bq, which really scared me. This is a newly bought house. I lived here with my lover and children for a year, and I have inhaled a year of excessive suffocation. So I decided to go to a professionally certified company to solve the problem of suffocation. So I chose Radoncare. This company is very professional in filling the cracks in the basement floor and installing a fan that reduces emissions. Unexpectedly, in just one day, my family's radon content dropped to a safe value of 27Bq. Especially happy, you can rest assured at home.
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J. Ma, Calgary
Radon Mitigation: No Rating
Fast, good service. 97% reduction in radon levels after only 1 day! Like all the extras they include. They were also very tidy which we appreciated. We would recommend.
Eric, Cochrane Alberta
Radon Mitigation: No Rating
Bought a kit, got my results after 3 months which were only 45. Testing was really easy. Going to test again in a 4 or 5 years
A.J, Edmonton Alberta