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TEDx - Dr. Aaron Goodarzi on Radon

Radon in our Homes: The Science Behind the Danger - Aaron Goodarzi @TEDxYYC

The Silent Killer: Lung Cancer

May 27 2021 - The silent killer: How lung cancer becomes fatal if undiagnosed.

Dangerous Levels of Radon Gas Are Being Found in More Homes Than Ever

May 2 2021 - The invisible threat inside your home: Dangerous levels of radon gas are being found in more houses across Canada than ever before.

Radon Gas and Arsenic Exposure

April 14 2021 - Halifax cancer researcher studies effects of radon gas and arsenic exposure

Canadians Unaware of Radon Risks

December 1 2020 - Only over half of Canadian households aware about radon, the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

Radon Exposure Before, During and After Pandemic

November 13 2020 - U of C researchers look at home radon exposure before, during and after pandemic.

Rachael Malmberg Warns of Radon Risk

April 29 2019 - Athlete with lung cancer warns of radon levels in homes.

Radon: A Real Risk

March 18 2019 - Both at work and at home, this colourless gas is making people sick.

Radon: Public Health and Cancer Prevention

February 15 2019 - Radon: Public Health and Cancer Prevention - A New Whiteboard Video from the NCCEH

Radon Testing Not a Priority for Public Schools

February 8 2019 - Radon testing not a priority for Calgary public school board after initial test of 10 buildings.

Environmental Design Contributors of High Radon

February 8 2019 - Understanding behavioural environmental design contributors of high radon exposure to protect Canadian health.

Radon Responsible For More Deaths Than Car Accidents

November 1 2018 - Radon responsible for more Canadian deaths per year than motor vehicle collisions.

Nurse Urges Albertans to Test for Radon

December 11 2018 - Nurse urges Albertans to test after she finds unsafe radon levels in her family's home.

1/6 Rural Alberta and 1/8 Calgary Area Homes Have Radon

December 10 2018 - Research suggests exposure to deadly radon gas in Alberta varies depending on where you live.

5 Facts You Don't Know About Radon

The ComPARe study has found how many cases are due to radon, a radioactive gas released into the air and a leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.