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Radon gas is a radioactive by product of uranium decay that exists naturally both inside and outside of man made structures. Certain properties of home construction can cause radon gas to concentrate to high levels inside homes. When you and your family are exposed to concentrated levels of radon gas over extended periods of time it significantly increases your chances of developing lung cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the most devastating types of cancer with very low survival rates compared to many types of cancers. There are over 21,000 deaths in Canada attributed to lung cancer each year, a significant portion of which are in individuals who have never smoked and the cancer is believed to be attributed to radon radiation exposure alone.
There is a solution! All homes can be mitigated to safe radon level and in many homes it can be done for relatively little expense.
The is a Health Canada and C-NRPP approved, reliable, long term radon test kit. These kits are easy to install and are the best way to test your home’s radon risk.
1 in 8 Calgary Area Homes and close to 1 in 6 in Saskatchewan Have Elevated Radon Levels1. The only way to know if your home is safe is to test it.

RadonCare RC-3MO Test Kit features
  • C-NRPP and Health Canada approved, reliable alpha track radon test kit
  • The included installation kit makes installation easy in just a few minutes
  • Lab Analysis Fee included in kit purchase price (return postage to lab extra)
  • Test kit should hang for 91 days to get most accurate result
  • Results are confidential and obligation free
Not all radon test kits are created equal! Short term kits do not present a full picture of a home’s radon risk.
and many competitors long term kits are prone to errors and inaccurate readings.
Our accurate, easy to use and affordable kits will give you a accurate picture of the radon risk in your home so you can make informed decision on whether mitigation is necessary.

1Elevated is defined as being greater than Health Canada's recommendation of maximum acceptable exposure before certain and serious health risks.
Stanley FKT, Zarezadeh S, Dumais CD, et al. Comprehensive survey of household radon gas levels and risk factors in southern Alberta. CMAJ Open. 2017;5:E255–64.