Our Team


Andrew Arshinoff

Our lead mitigator, Andrew is a wealth of knowledge on anything and everything concerning radon mitigation. His extensive HVAC experience, knowledge of building practices and codes is indispensable in creating mitigation systems which are perfected to each individual building and their unique radon problem. Andrew is a proud member of the C-NRPP Policy Advisory Board, contributing to new developments, best practices and regulations in the Canadian radon industry. When he's not protecting people from radon, Andrew loves to play recreational hockey.

P. Eng

Emily Roney

RadonCare is pleased to welcome Emily to our team! As a specialist in soil gas vapour migration her knowledge is especially suited to residential radon gas entry. Emily brings a wealth of environmental regulation, contamination and remediation knowledge and expertise. In her free time, Emily enjoys the environment she so dutifully protects professionally, with her horse, Sophie.

B.Des, C-NRPP CRT#202087

Kristin Arshinoff

Responsible for the behind the scenes administration, Kristin manages our radon measurement testing projects, directs and organizes technicians while providing design and customer support. Kristin appreciates folk music and spending time outdoors.

C-NRPP CRMT#202235

Nicholas Dogot

Nicolae grew up within 500 km from the Chernobyl disaster in Moldova and is passionate about radiation safety. Fluent in English, Romanian and Russian, Nicolae offers multilingual support for those interested in radon testing and mitigation services. Nicolae enjoys playing and watching soccer.

P.Eng, CRMT#202108

Bernard Leung

RadonCare is pleased to welcome Bernard to our team! Bernard is a highly experienced and detailed oriented professional engineer registered in Alberta. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Bernard offers multilingual support for those interested in radon testing and mitigation services. Outside of work, you can find Bernard spending time with his wife and two children no doubt making memories.