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Radon Mitigations

Radon Mitigations
Our systems are designed not only lower radon levels as much as possible, but to do so as efficiently as possible with consideration to operating cost in heat loss and electrical usage as well as factors including noise and intrusiveness of system. Since mitigation system generally operate 24 hrs/day and 365 days/year, all of these factors are very important to consider for a radon system in your home. No amount of radon is safe and the less your exposure the better, which is why we aim not only to get levels below Health Canada's action level of 200Bq/m3 but as low as possible. Many of our systems are able to achieve results comparable to the outdoor levels of the area (generally 10-30Bq/m3) or below the lowest level of detection of an Alpha track based radon test kit, even where initial readings where 800Bq/m3 or higher. Our team has extensive background not only in radon and radon mitigation techniques but in construction, heating and ventilation. We study the science of balancing air flow and pressures in your home and are currently contributing to University of Calgary research on it. For every component of a radon system, from coring to sealing, balancing, pressure neutralization, system design and the ventilation process, it’s important to hire someone who knows not only radon system but understands air exchange systems and understands your home.
Radon care installed Radon mitigation systems are backed by a 5 year guarantee that covers not only parts but labour as well.

Included with most systems:

  • Full system design report
  • 5 year transferable performance guarantee of < 100Bq/m3 based on a long term winter test.
  • Balance check, and balancing if deemed necessary for HRV
  • Mitigation system design, materials and installation. Generally system will be completed with 4" or greater schedule 40 PVC pipe to protect from damage and reduce possible noise transfer.
  • Seal leaking gaps and cracks in concrete.
  • Furnace sealing and sealing of all visible supply and return air ducts, including gaps on coroplast - this not only makes your radon system more efficient but improves the efficiency of your home.
  • Covering sump pumps with air tight 1200 lbs capacity basin covers with a monitoring window (where applicable)
  • Backdraft testing of CO emitting appliances
  • Installed battery or plug in CO detector
  • Short term post mitigation radon testing for immediate performance testing after system installation
  • Long term test kit for year 1 post mitigation testing which include prepaid lab analysis and shipping
  • Certain jobs, such as those with crawl spaces basements or block walls have additional requirements and components.

    The RadonCare system report

    The system report we provide with every installation is not only to give you confidence that the job was done right but to make modifications more efficient if ever necessary due to changes in your home (e.g. building a new addition). You’ll be informed how the system was designed and be provided with operational cost estimates. Many customers are surprised at how efficient and quiet these systems are, we can very effectively reduce radon levels with minimal energy and minimal heat loss from the house when a properly designed, sealed and balanced system. Your report is also an asset for selling your home so any potential buyer knows your system was done right. Remember also our guarantee is transferable to any new owner so any potential buyer can be assured the home they are buying does not have a radon problem.
    We take the time to earn the trust of our customers. We want to make your home a safer place.
    For a free estimate, please complete the form on this page with some basic information about your property. You can also reach us by email or by phone 1-844-723-6622.