Nov. 1, 2021

November is Radon Action Month. Yay!

If you were waiting for a reminder - this is it!

Radon Awareness Month is once again upon us and what a year it has been! As we all have all been spending far more time indoors than previous years, the importance of testing your home for radon has never been higher. 

The latest data shows that 1 in 6 Canadian households are high in radon with Alberta and Saskatchewan the second leading radon exposed population in the world. Radon exposure is cumulative, meaning the longer the time spent in a high radon environment the more likely it is to develop health consequences, specifically, lung cancer. 

Testing is easy to complete, affordable and best of all our radon experts are always available to answer your questions - prior to the test, during the test, or after. Give us a call, text, reach out on our chatbox (really it is one of our very own humans) or send us an email!

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July 20, 2021

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